Configuring Slideshows

Slideshows are configurable on a per-gallery basis. Configure it once and Portfolio retains those settings for use in every playback of that gallery.

Opening the Configure Panel

  1. Select the gallery to configure.
  2. Tap on the configure button next to the gallery name at the top.
  3. Select "Configure Slideshow".

Slideshow Settings

Option Description
Background Color The background color to show behind media in the slideshow.
Still Slide Duration The time to show still slides for. Video slides will be shown for their duration if enabled to play.
Transition Duration The duration to display the transition from one item to another.
Shuffle Slides Randomizes the order of items in the slideshow rather than playing them in gallery order.
Loops If enabled the slideshow will loop back to the first slide after it reaches the end.
Play Videos If enabled videos will be played in the slideshow. If not they will display their poster frame only.
Slideshow Music If enabled the slideshow soundtrack will play.
Soundtrack Add, delete, or rearrange the songs in the soundtrack.