Client presentation from your iPad.

Present your work using photos, videos, and PDFs in a custom-branded interface to your clients.

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Present Your Work

Portfolio for iPad is a blank slate waiting for your personalization. You can customize its appearance to completely fit your business, giving the appearance of a custom app developed exclusively for you. Lock the interface with a PIN when you’re done and it’s safe for any client meeting without the worry of exposing the management interface underneath.

Whether you’re a photographer showing photos or videos to a bride-to-be, a wedding venue displaying various table setups, a florist giving the choices of different arrangements, a landscaper showing different layouts, or a web designer describing past designs, Portfolio will give that extra bit of polish and professionalism to your presentation.


Photo, Video, and PDF

Load in photos and videos in any format the iPad supports. PDFs can be single- or multi-page and respond to any interactive items and table of contents.


Stream the presentation wirelessly via AirPlay to any Apple TV or Mac running AirServer. Portfolio also supports any wired adapter, including HDMI and VGA.

Custom Branding

Use and customize a built-in theme or create a completely custom one to match your business. Change both the colors and layouts to make virtually any appearance and tailor it specifically for both landscape and portrait orientations.

Backup and Restore

Builtin backups allow you to create multiple different configurations or clone the same configuration to multiple iPads.


Configure all or part of your library to sync automatically to a folder in Dropbox, keeping it up-to-date without having to do it manually.

Lock the Interface

Lock the interface to prevent clients from accessing the management portions of the app.


Play a slideshow, complete with a customized soundtrack and configurable speed. Videos play inline for a seamless presentation.

Multiple Loading Options

Load from the Camera Roll, File Sharing, a list of URLs, Dropbox, Box, or even directly from your Mac.

Integrated Help

Tap the help icon in any screen any time you're stuck for instant help.


Customize one of the built-in themes or create one entirely your own to better match Portfolio’s appearance to your brand. Portfolio’s theme creator allows you to completely customize virtually every part of the appearance by interacting directly with it on your iPad. You can change colors, fonts, images, sizes, and many other attributes to fit the look you want.

Customize the appearance of Portfolio to match your brand.
Sample Portfolio theming

Theme with vertical thumbnails

This theme uses the vertical gallery strip widened to show two columns of thumbnails. It's placed over a translucent rectangle, which is placed on top of a full screen image.

Sample Portfolio theming

Horizontal thumbnails

This is a slightly customized version of the built-in Modern with changes to the fonts, rounding of the gallery icons, and position of the horizontal gallery strip.

Sample Portfolio theming

Thumbnails hidden

This is another variation of the built-in Modern theme with a simplified presentation. The thumbnails are turned off, leaving only the gallery names visible.

Load Content

Finish up by loading in your content through one of many loading sources or sync up Portfolio to a Dropbox folder and you’re ready to go. Portfolio stores all of the content you load in internally, so you’re free to use it with or without an internet connection.