External Screen Configuration

Portfolio presents an external screen separate from the iPad's default mirroring. When not in the viewer, it displays the External Screen image set. Once in the viewer it reflects what is currently displayed on your iPad.

The external screen is filled with the configured background color and the image centered on it.

Setting the Placeholder Image

The size of this image should reflect the resolution of the primary screen you're intending to use. Be sure to account for any overscanning by the display that may crop out the edges.

  1. Tap on "External Screen" in the configuration view.
  2. Tap on the placeholder image.
  3. Select a loading source.
  4. Navigate to the image (PDFs are not currently supported) and select it.
  5. Tap the "Choose" button.

Setting the Background Color

  1. Tap on the color swatch.
  2. Either use the color picker to select a color or type in the RGB/HSV values for it.

See also AirPlay Best Practices