Gallery Management

Galleries and Folders and their content are completely controlled within the management interface. The difference between the two is that galleries contain the content (e.g., the photos, videos, and PDFs) that you are presenting while folders are an organizational aid and allow you to group up galleries and other folders by category or some other hierarchy.

Adding a Gallery or Folder

  1. Tap the + button near the bottom left to open the add gallery/folder panel.
  2. Tap the toggle at the top to select either Gallery (the default) or Folder.
  3. Enter a name for the new item.
  4. Configure any other options as wanted.

See also A Detailed Description of the Options

Deleting a Gallery or Folder

You can delete a gallery or folder using one of two ways. Galleries and folders added by a sync cannot be removed in this way — remove the source folder and sync to remove them.

  1. Swipe left to right on it in the list and tap "Delete".
  2. Tap "Edit" at the top of the left column, tap on the minus button next to it, and then tap "Delete".

This action cannot be undone and all stored items in the gallery will be removed. All sub-galleries of a folder will be removed if it's a folder. If you have whole-library syncing enabled you will not be able to delete galleries or folders as they would just be added at the next sync.

Rearranging Galleries and Folders

  1. Tap "Edit" at the top of the left column. Three bars will appear to the right of each name in the list.
  2. Tap and drag up or down the list to move the gallery or folder.

Renaming, Hiding, and Changing Settings on a Gallery or Folder

  1. Tap "Edit" at the top of the left column.
  2. Tap on the gallery or folder to edit.

See also Adding Files